Philanthropy Initiatives

Batsi’s Gives Back

Over the years, Batsi has consistently made time to visit schools and universities to facilitate creative writing and performance workshops as well as give talks on invitation. 

She takes part in adjudication of poetry competitions. 

She also offers free consultancy to new writers on self-publishing, taking them through the processes and guiding them with their publishing projects. 

Batsirai believes that being accessible and sharing her journey and experiences with fellow writers paves a way in the development of synergies that make life for the younger writers much easier and more productive.

Batsi - open quotation marks

We didn’t have creative writing workshops when we were growing up. Personally, I grew up thinking writers were super humans from a different planet. I want children to aspire to something the standard curriculum doesn’t teach…becoming a writer, artist…encouraging them to do what they love rather than what is prescribed. It gives me great pleasure to meet with curious young minds willing to explore beyond the classroom.”

Batsirai Chigama log

Creative Writing Workshops